Planning your portrait session can be fun and stress free if you think “simple” and prepare properly. Consider the following tips when planning and preparing for your portrait session. If you have other questions or need more suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Above all remember that less is more. Keep it simple and natural.


Plan on your session to take about 1 hour (newborn sessions up to 2 hours). Allow sufficient time for travel to the location and for unforseen circumstances, such as heavy traffic.


Where your pictures are taken can create an attractive flow to the subjects and the overall image. Simple and natural locations that have even light will help bring the focus and draw attention to the subjects in the picture rather than the surroundings. Feel free to ask me for suggestions of suitable locations. Some locations require a photography fee and/or travel fees outside Salt Lake County. If the session will be done in your home choose a room with the most natural light and make sure the space is de-cluttered.



Subtle clothing tones and simple accessories draw attention to the face. For all types of sessions wear clothing that fits you and compliments your body. It can be distracting when clothing has to be adjusted constantly during a session. Avoid clothing with bright and bold colors, large prints such as stripes, plaids, or florals. Also avoid clothing with graphics or wording on it. *Multiple outfits are discouraged in all sessions.

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If you choose to wear make-up in your session keep it simple and natural. Make-up is meant to enhance your features. Here are some tips for flattering portrait make-up:                                      

1. Start with a clean and moisturized face.

2. Apply makeup in natural window light if possible.

3. Use primer and/or base for concealing large pores, uneven color and texture, and fine lines. Avoid using mineral makeup for your portrait. It can give an undesirable shine on your skin.

4. Set your base with translucent powder.

5. Enhance your eyes. Avoid shimmer, glitter or bright colored eye shadow. Use matte or satin neutral colors to bring out your eyes. Dark colors can cause your your eyes to look small.

6. Be stingy with eyeliner being careful not to line the inner rim too heavily, which creates a smaller looking eye. Just line the lash line to help make the lashes look fuller.

7. Don’t forget mascara. I suggest waterproof (2 coats). Wipe off any excess on the tube before application.

8. When using blush select a color that resembles the flush of your skin. Stay away from glittery or shimmery shades. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend upwards. Apply a bit heavier than normal so the camera can pick it up.

9. A natural colored lip is the most flattering in portraits. If you use lipstick use a natural color that enhances your existing lip tone. Avoid shimmer and gloss. If you don’t use lipstick do use chapstick.

10. Bring your makeup to the session for touch up.


Props can be a great addition to a portrait. Props should be simple and minimal. They should help tell a story and not distract from the subjects.



Helpers are a great benefit to the photographer to help fix and notice details and carry props or bags. If you have helpers come with you during your session please keep it minimal.



Eat a snack or meal before the session so you are not distracted by hunger. For children bring dry snacks to use during the session to help them cooperate. For weddings, it is going to be a busy day, taking a little time to eat a solid meal in the morning will go a long way throughout the day. Drink plenty of water and pack a couple water bottles and some snacks for the day.


Infants & Children

IMPORTANT: Make sure infants and small children have taken their naps and are fed before the session. Bring dry snacks and/or bottles to help keep them happy during the session. I usually do Newborn Sessions with the baby undressed, and, yes the baby will probably make a mess of my stuff, and it’s ok. I expect it. To make the most of the time we have for these sessions multiple outfits, props, and room locations are discouraged. Feel free to bring a favorite blanket or toy if you think it will help them cooperate. Lastly, newborns are exceptionally intuitive. Your behavior and mood will likely reflect the baby’s behavior and mood, so keep the environment calm and live in the precious moment with your little one.




I try to establish the best communication and safety with my clients and that is why I use contracts to clearly communicate my expectations as well as yours for the session or wedding day. I will email you the contract, please read the contract carefully and fill out the information accurately, sign then return via email.


Payment is due at the session. Wedding packages require a 10% deposit of the invoice amount due at the first session. Images will be delivered after payment is made. Payments can be made in cash, check, or Venmo @Forever-Image.